Best Advantages of Staying in a Resort than Luxury Hotel

Resort stay gives a friendly and homely atmosphere and personal care to the guests. In Kerala most of the resorts are located near by the forest, back waters or hilly areas. The location itself adds charm to the resort ambience. The rooms in resorts are mostly villas and hotels have multi level rooming system. The inventory of rooms in resorts  will be limited compared to hotels. The resorts are always open to the nature and most of them are eco friendly. Guests can enjoy greenery and natural surroundings and refresh themselves. In resort the staffs are friendlier and more personalized service is offered to the tourists. The rooms are built in Kerala traditional architecture and offer luxurious interiors. The natural surroundings offer a hangout in harmony with the nature.

Most of the resorts have Ayurveda centres for the health conscious people. Resorts offer different Ayurvedic treatments and therapies suitable to people based on their health conditions. Body purification, weight loss, stress release, body rejuvenation are the main treatments and these are scheduled for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days as per the requirement and convenience of the guest. If any particular ailments needs to be treated that is possible with the expert advice of the doctors associated with the resorts. Authentic oils, herbs and powders are used in the treatments and along with the therapies yoga sessions are also conducted. Ayurveda and Yoga are two streams that need to flow in synchronisation to achieve the complete result as good health. Yoga masters teach yoga which the guest can learn easily and practice on a daily basis to get the freshness and energy to body.  Vegetarian diet is prescribed to the guests along with the treatments to speed up the functions of healing. The diet, yoga, exercises and proper rest is the best combination in Ayurveda therapies. Ayurveda massages are available and they are also done in authentic method with natural herbs and oils in the resorts. Massages are available for Head, Face, Foot or full body massage. Steam bath also can be selected along with the body massage which gives a complete relaxation to the whole body. Kerala Ayurveda resorts have special packages for the month of Karkidakam (July – August) which is considered the best period to undergo the rejuvenation programs.  The cool climate of the period is an added advantage to the people who wish to undergo the health treatments. Many attractive offers are given by the resorts for promoting Ayurveda.

Another interesting activity in the resorts is to go for village walks. The nearby villages can be explored with the guidance and support from the resort. Some resorts arrange nature walks to the forest areas. Cycles are given to guests so that they can travel on their own in leisure time and learn more about the culture and life of local people. Some resorts organize the farm tours by which the guests can closely observe the natural farming methods and see the crops. Some resorts have farms of their own where the guests are allowed to pluck vegetable of their choice and then cooked and served to them. It gives an extra satisfaction to the guest as they are being served the farm fresh vegetables. Some resorts has poultry farms were birds like hen, duck, pigeon, emu and animals like cow, goat and buffalo are kept. Their milk, egg and meat are used in the resort and other by- products are used for farming needs. As we all are living in a society we all are responsible to benefit the society through our deeds. Same way each organisation has to take part in the social well being of people. Resorts play an important role in the life of people in the neighbouring areas. The locality gets developed as the resort functions in harmony with the nature. With the advancement of the resort the neighbouring areas also gets improved. As an example for better appearance the resort management keep the surroundings neat and clean and road will be kept as comfortable for travellers from which the locals also gets benefited. Local purchase and employment is offered by the resort to support the society. Some resorts offer education aids to the children and medical camps are conducted for local people. Some resorts organise blood donation camps associated with some important events like Independence Day or Republic day.