Best Yoga Resorts in South India

‘God’s own country – Kerala is well known for its culture, cuisine, hospitality, natural beauty and most importantly for Ayurveda and Yoga. Healthy living means living without ailments and in harmonization with the nature. Our body, mind and soul needs to function in synchronisation to live without diseases. In India Ayurveda is an ancient science system that helps people to gain health and live in peace. Yoga is closely associated with Ayurveda and by practicing Yoga people can keep themselves calm and as a mental stress relief method.In ancient times the saints and spiritual leaders motivated the common people to learn Yoga so that the mind and body stay in peace. Yoga varies from simple meditation to breath control techniques and different body postures. Originally it’s a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline and widely used for relaxation. Ayurveda & Wellness resorts Kerala are in very much demand among tourists all over the world. Many famous resorts and hotels in Kerala are promoted as the Ayurveda and Yoga resorts depending on their excellence records. The free yoga sessions resorts are very popular and foreigners specially stay for learning at least the basic lessons of the great Yoga stream. Trained Yoga masters are experts in sharing the knowledge of the physical movements and breath control techniques to the guests so that they can learn and practice Yoga in their leisure even after their stay. Best Yoga resorts Kerala are Ayurveda Yoga Villa at Wayanad, Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort at Trivandrum, Punnamada Resort at Alleppey, Udayagiri Retreat at Wayanad and Sharanagati at Wayanad.


  • Ayurveda Yoga Villa

AYV_0384Ayurveda Yoga Villa resort is situated near the Kabani River side at Wayanad and in the middle of acres of forest. The exact location is Kattikulam which is at a distance of 22km from Wayanad. Kozhikode/Karipur airport is the nearest at a distance of 98km from Wayanad town. Ayurveda Yoga Villa tops the list of resorts for meditation. The resort offers many Ayurvedic and Yoga therapies for guests for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. The resort premises also hosts a Ganapathi temple, Ayurveda Herbal manufacturing unit, Gosala (Cattle shed) and an Organic farm. They produce many organic ayurvedic medicines in the Herbal unit and vegetables are cultivated in the farm. The farm fresh vegetables and cow milk and by products are used in the resort. The rooms are classified as Riverside Herbal Cottage, Front cottages (River View & Garden View) and Back cottages.  They conduct Kalari (Martial art) classes also in the resort. A dedicated Kalari teaching hall is specially designed for this purpose. Along with the coaching Marma Chikilsa (treatments through vital points in the body) is also performed here. The trained Marma practitioner will be expert in handling Marma points, Ayurveda and Kalari Chikilsa and Astrology.


  • Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort

somatheranSomatheeram is located 9km south of Kovalam beach in Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala State. It is well known as the first Ayurvedic resort in the world and has won many national and international awards for the excellence in Ayurvedic treatments. This resort is classified as Heritage Ayurveda Resort and as a Green leaf classified ayurvedic hospital. Trivandrum is the nearest airport at 21 km from the resort. The nearest railway station is also at Trivandrum and at a distance of 19km. Yoga and meditation classes are taught by an experienced Guru in Somatheeram. Yoga practice covers the stress and resultant disorders at bay. It helps to stabilize the metabolism of body and stay healthy. Forty two cottages are available in the resort. Meditation is divided in to three phases known as Dharana (concentration), Dhvana (meditation) and Samadhi (enlightenment). Practice of Yoga and Meditation along with Ayurvedic treatments is the best way to keep the mind, body and soul perfectly fit and live without diseases. Somatheeram resort has a Herbal Garden, Medicine manufacturing unit and an Ayurveda academy in the resort. Cultural programmes are conducted in the resort for the guests to enjoy their evening times.


  • Punnamada Resort

prPunnamada Resort is the best natural and Ayurvedic resort in Alleppey. The resort has an authentic Ayurveda centre and therapies and massages can be availed here by guests according to their health and body conditions. Yoga is taught here two times a day by a well experienced Yoga Master. The sessions offer a refreshed and relaxed leisure time to the guests. The basic lessons are taught in the easiest method by the master to the guest so that they can practice by themselves even after their stay with the resort. People who wish to join the Yoga classes for non resident guests are provided such facilities on additional payments depending on their requirements. Foreign nationals always prefer to attend the classes which are conducted in the dawn and evening. The sessions are conducted in open lawn in front of the lake or in the dedicated Yoga hall depending on the weather conditions. Punnamada Resort has a special package for Yoga lovers called the ‘Yoga Retreat’ for three nights and four days. The resort is conserved as eco friendly and has gardens and small streams which add more charm to the natural beauty. Four different category villas are designed in the Kerala traditional style for stay. The multi cuisine restaurant called ‘Choola Restaurant’ is well known for the tasty and variety food items. During the Ayurvedic treatments practice of Yoga is compulsory so that the utmost results can be achieved. Punnamada Resort has facilities like indoor games, library, cycling, caroms, chess, snooker, pool table, table tennis, swimming pool, and multi cuisine restaurant and conference halls.


  • Udayagiri Retreat  

tholpetty-hill-view-cottage-ground1Udayagiri Retreat is located at Tholpetty which is at a distance of 45km from Wayanad. Kozhikode/Karipur airport is the nearest at a distance of 98km from Wayanad town. The resort hosts many different species of birds, orchids, butterflies and herbs. The place is surrounded by huge trees and medicinal plants and it is the main attraction of the resort and offers a stay in the natural habitat. The rooms are classified as wooden cottage, ideal for nature lovers and sun view cottage, ideal for senior citizens and physically challenged. The mountainous location is an added advantage for the people undergoing Ayurvedic and Yoga therapies. The cool and tranquillest atmosphere acts as a healing agent which maximises the results. The Yoga master at Udayagiri is trained from the monastic traditions of Yoga and teaches both theory and practical lessons. Depending on one’s physical condition and need the Yoga classes can be taken from one – four weeks.


  • Sharanagati Yogahaus

sharanagati2014_02Sharanagati Yogahaus is a popular home stay at Varkala in Trivandrum district of Kerala state. It is at a distance of 48km from Trivandrum town. The place is surrounded by many palm trees, banana trees, papaja and mango trees and a Yoga garden with hammocks to hang out. Eagles, Cranes and sea eagles are frequently seen here. Sharanagati Yogahaus is well known as one among the expert Yoga resorts. Five rooms are available for stay. The Yoga classes are at 8am and 4pm. Kerala style food is served here. The home stay is very close to the Varkala beach with an awesome view.



  • Agnihotra Yoga

agnihotraAgnihotra Yoga retreat is at walkable distance from Varkala beach in Trivandrum district of Kerala state. It is at a distance of 48km from Trivandrum town.  The Yoga shala offers drop in classes as well as two week long Yoga retreat package for guests. For interested people they conduct Yoga teachers training course for one month (200 Hrs). Birds and butterflies roam around. The Yoga shala is built according to the Vedas – roof by coconut leaf and floor is polished with cow dung which is believed to be the best for rejuvenation and relaxation of the body and mind. Homa therapy (fire ritual) is the main attraction of this centre which is as old as the creation. Homa removes the toxic elements from the atmosphere and provide healing powers. Aqua healing is another famous therapy used here for relaxation for the body with the subtle water current power and soft stretching movements. Ayurveda food served here includes the organic rice and plant based curries and side dishes. Wheat Grass juice is served as the best detoxification and energizing drink. Jaggery, Honey and Brown Sugar are used instead of white sugar for health reasons. Pranic Energy Healing sessions are also carried out which is famous for no touch, no drug curing method.  Rooms are available in twin/ double / cottage categories.


  • Ayur Yoga Eco-Ashram

ayurogaAyur Yoga Eco-Ashram is spread across 18 acres of riverside organic farm and located in JP Hundi Village of Mysore district in Karnataka State. It is 200kms away from the Bangalore and Kozhikode airports. It is at a distance of 39km from Mysore city. They offer sessions of Hatha Yoga, Pranayamas, Meditation, Philosophy, Ayurveda, Ecology, etc. One month Yoga Teachers Training, two week Yoga Immersion Retreats for beginners and two weeks Yoga Intensive for intermediate/advanced students are also organised here. Retreat packages are divided in to 50% physical and 50% Prana (Yoga) and spirituality. Vegetarian food is served which is grown either in the organic farm or brought from the local farmers. The ashram is planting a garden in a special pattern that includes trees based on 27 Moon Signs, 12 Zodiac signs as described in the Vriksha Ayurveda (Ayurveda for trees). Twenty seven rooms in two categories – Wooden cottages and Eco cottages (Hollow brick) with single and twin facilities are available for accommodation. Due to limited accommodation it is always advisable to book the package in advance. The ashram is preparing a Gosala (Cattle house) so that the milk can be used in the mess and the cow dung can be utilised in the organic farm. The Ayur Yoga Ashram is run as a non-profit organisation and offers 14 days / 1 month yoga retreat packages for guests.